Divine Insights by Donna

Client Reviews

Some client reviews:

Thank you so much for yet again so much deep insight I cannot begin to stress how much your skills are helping me right now.  What you can perceive from the spirit world is truly a big reminder (why do I still need to get reminded….lol) that all is one and one is all, everything is connected …love it… Thank you once more for your efforts and reading!!!!!

Michael N., Australia

 You are truly incredible. In June, you told me that big things were going to happen in August. Now, He’s contacted me more which was something I did not expect. I even had to look back at our chat 2 months lol which everything you said was unraveling. Thank you Donna for your caring personality, It’s always a pleasure to talk to you.

Jessica N.

 Always great, realistic, honest, shows the likely path and the possible pitfalls / other paths due to free will. Balanced and real!



Amazing! She’s always been right about the big things and she’s so sweet and helpful! Can’t wait to see her predictions come true this time (I’ve got a great feeling about this Donna)

Sara in Ohio


As always, such a magical experience. we have such a fun and fast connection, talking with her is such a treat. thanks as always for empowering ME to believe in MYSELF. it makes all the difference in the world.



AMAZING! She really connected with me and channeled a dear friend. I felt so comforted by her insight into my current situation. Thank you so much!!

Abby in Boston, MA